Trading beginner tips!

1. Regularly read Bitcointalk forum
2. Check for current real coin values
3. Check history of coin you are interested in
4. Check the ANN thread of the coin on Bitcointalk
5. Many coins have their own blogs/ forums you need to follow to be up to date
6. At start choose coins that are already established and stable
7. Make yourself a portfolio of 3 – 5 coins for start
8. Do not jump in ongoing coin pumps, you never know when it will dump.
9. Make yourself a strategy for coins you will long term invest and maybe 2 gamble coins that are more risky but offer higher profit.
10. We recommend starting with Bittrex
11. Do not instantly sell your coins if they dumb instantly for no obvious reason ( research why)
12. At the beginning its better to aim for small profits like 5% – 10% +
13. Always keep some BTC to react when needed (buy)
14. Start slowly, take your time. 2 month in research and observation is recommended.
15. Always reinvest a share of your profit in your favorite coins and use a share of profit to gamble
16. Do not jump instant in new coins with big investment. If it looks promising to you start low and follow the progress.
17. If you advance and make good experience you could start to invest in icos, but watch out lots of scam around.
18. Pull out some % in USD from your profit from time to time.
19. Control your emotions when the prices is going up or down.
20. Never be emotional in your trading. Be objective!
21. Regularly check for crypto resources ( is a hand-picked directory of the best cryptocurrency resources).