is Simple, powerful and easy tool to view and share your cryptocurrency investments, supporting automatic order grabbing from Poloniex and Bittrex.


  • Clean looking UI
  • Verified Investments (Automaticially grab orders from either Polo or Bittrex)
  • Imports buys and sells and calculate the profits
  • Connect with Poloniex & Bittrex
  • Hundreds of coins supported
  • Multiple APIs
  • Ability to use our API (grab your investments into your app/etc)
  • Add investments by bitcoin price or USD price
  • Mark investments as sold
  • Clean profile view
  • Customizable Avatar/Header/About Text/Biography
  • Takes bitcoin price at day bought into calculation
  • Alot of social features (follow / comment / “impressed” button)
  • Search users by: invested amount / most profit / name
  • Calculates the difference between BTC the day you bought and today to determine if you made profit even if the price of your coin went down.
  • Dark/Night theme